9th Tool of Recovery – Action Plan

The World Service Business Conference has passed the Text defining the 9th Tool of Recovery – Action Plan.

This text will be published in the next printing of the “Tools of Recovery” leaflet. Groups are encouraged to publicise this text and perhaps print it out and insert it into your existing supplies of the leaflet so the tool can be actively used as soon as possible.

Please circulate this text to your meetings.


An action plan is the process of identifying and implementing attainable actions, both daily and long – term, that are necessary to support our individual abstinence and emotional, spiritual and physical recovery. While the plan is ours, tailored to our own recovery process, most of us find it important to work with a sponsor, fellow OA member and / or appropriate professional to help create it. This tool, like our plan of eating, may vary widely among members and may need to be adjusted as we progress in our recovery.

For example, a newcomer’s action plan might focus on planning, shopping for and preparing food. Some members may need a regular fitness routine to improve strength and health, while others may need to set exercise limits in order to attain more balance. Some of us may need an action plan that includes time for meditation and relaxation or provides strategies for balancing work, personal interactions with family and friends, and our program. Others may need help to organise their homes; deal with their finance; and address medical, dental or mental health issues.

Along with working the Steps on a daily basis, an action plan may incorporate use of the other OA tools to bring structure, balance and manageability into our lives. As we use this tool, we find that we develop a feeling of serenity and continue to grow emotionally and spiritually while we make measurable progress one day at a time.”