Literature Shop

Books and leaflets are available from the OAGB Literature Shop, which sells OA Board and Conference approved literature. These can help individuals work the steps, get identification with others who have similar issues with food and learn more about OA.

LATEST LITERATURE NEWS AUG 2020: NEW book available now: Body Image, Relationships and Sexuality

Personal Journeys to Recovery in Overeaters Anonymous,  this book is a first of it’s kind collection of member’s stories about how our disease can be deeply intertwined with the most intimate parts of our lives, our deeply held traumas, personal relationships and changing identities.  Throughout this book OA members share openly and honestly about their journeys from unfulfilled, sometimes shattered existences to lives overflowing with acceptance, freedom and serenity achieved by working and living OA’s Twelve Step programme of recovery.

You can purchase the book from OAGB Literature Shop HERE. 

Some other OA literature which some fellows find useful:  

Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide

Everything you need to lead a journey through the 12 steps, including leader scripts, fourth step inventory worksheets and selected references from OA – Approved Literature.  Use it to lead a group of OA members or one-on-one with your sponsees, together you can discover proven ways to incorporate the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous into your life.

Twelve Traditions Pocket Guide (Wallet Card)

Practice the Principles of the Twelve Traditions in OA meetings and everyday life with this new wallet card. The Twelve Traditions Pocket Guide includes examples of how to apply the Traditions and can be used individually or as the focus of a group or workshop.

Taste of Lifeline

Features more than 100 personal stories by OA members writing about their challenges and recovery explaining how they work the OA programme.

Included are stories international OA members covering various stages and aspects of recovery:  Newcomers,  Recovery from relapse, Long term recovery and Welcome Home OA’s beloved story of outreach to compulsive eaters around the world.

Also Taste of Lifeline has journal questions to complement each chapter so that you, your sponsee or your group can gain new insights and strengthen your recovery.