This spreadsheet (click HERE) is an unofficial resource created by fellows within OA to act as a meeting directory for all virtual meetings created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions.
To add, change or delete any information on the spreadsheet, please email one of the Spreadsheet service members at and someone will reply ASAP.
If your meeting has moved online, please make sure to also update your meeting information on the main website.

“Meetings are gatherings of two or more compulsive overeaters who come together to share their personal experience, and the strength and hope OA has given them.  Though there are many types of meetings, fellowship with other compulsive overeaters is the basis of them all.  Meetings give us the opportunity to identify and confirm our common problem and share the gifts we receive through this program.”
Tools of Recovery pamphlet, p.4 © Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.

You are welcome to attend any meeting without calling first.  However, there are sometimes unexpected changes due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances.  While these changes will usually be mentioned on the website, it may be wise to call the phone contact and check.

Please also note the definition of open and closed meetings:

Open Meeting: Open to OA members and non-OA visitors.  All meetings are considered open unless otherwise indicated.

Closed Meeting: Restricted to those who desire to stop eating compulsively (OA members and others who think they may have a problem with food).

PLEASE NOTE: All of the following information is for reference only given the current government restrictions etc. 

Face to Face meetings in our area

You can download a PDF of the current meetings list for the South and East England Intergroup area by clicking here.

You can also find a local meeting by clicking on the following links and scrolling down the list:

These two meetings listings show current meeting information from the WSO database for all our SEEIG meetings.  If you wish to search by any other criteria such as postcode, or sort by meeting times or day, or find meetings in areas other than South and East England IG area, please see guide below for instructions. | Download PDF

R9 based Virtual meetings

Region 9 WhatsApp meetings:

  • Mondays from 7.00pm for 24 hours
  • Tuesdays from 7.30pm for 24 hours
  • Wednesdays from 4.30pm for 24 hours
  • Fridays from 7.30pm for 24 hours

UK Skype meetings:

  • Fridays, 6.30am
  • Sundays, 7.00pm

Virtual meeting joining information PDF download

UK based Telephone meetings

Telephone meeting joining information PDF download

Virtual meetings based outside the UK

One member’s experience of online meetings:

“Until recently I hadn’t really considered online meetings as a resource. I was quite happy going to my regular face to face meetings, doing service, using the tools of the programme and working the Steps. The seemingly vast array of telephone and virtual meetings on was quite frankly a bit scary!

Then my Higher Power stepped in to show me the way via another fellow and a bout of illness so I gave one a try. I was quite fearful the first time, but as is so often the case that fear was groundless. I loved it! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I got the hang of the meeting protocol quickly and read some wonderful experience, strength and hope as well as being able to give support and encouragement to those members who were new to the Fellowship and/or struggling with their recovery.

I have now attended dozens of them and marvel at how though geographically the people in the room are all over the world, we are brought together for that hour or so by what we have in common – this disease of compulsive eating and the desire to recover from it one day at a time.

Why not try one?! Below are two links to regular online meetings.

Happy chatting 😊”


OA 12 Step 4 COE’s

OA Recovery

Guide to using the meeting list

Face to Face meetings

There are 3 different ways to find a Face to Face meeting using the Find A Meeting function. Start by selecting Face-to-Face meeting then search as follows:

By town or city
Select ‘Other Countries with Meetings’ in the ‘Select Your Location’ drop down menu. Choose the country (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) and you will be taken to a list of towns/cities with meetings in that country. Choose your town or city and click ‘Search’ then scroll down the page to see the list of results.

By postcode or place name
To search by postcode or place name, please type your search term in the box marked ‘Enter your zip code and select a distance.’ Select a distance then click ‘Search’ and scroll down the page to see the results.

By Intergroup area
Click on the ‘Find a Service Body’ box. Ignore the ‘Select your Location’ option, and where you are requested to enter your 5-digit intergroup/service board number enter 09139 to obtain and then search/sort results for SEEIG meetings.

Online meetings

As well as being a great additional meeting source for all members with internet access, online meetings are particularly valuable to those who might find it difficult to get to a face to face meeting because of location, health, child care or work shifts, for example.

Select ‘Online meetings’ and then choose ‘British Time’ from the ‘Select your Time Zone’ menu. Click search, and if desired sort the results by language spoken, time, day, special topic, special focus etc. by clicking on the ‘Sort Results By’ drop down menu.

Follow the instructions posted for each individual meeting to take part.

Telephone meetings

To join a telephone meeting anywhere in the world, select Telephone meetings and then follow the instructions as for Online meetings above.

Calls into telephone meetings are NOT free of charge. Regular long-distance charges will apply based on the long-distance plan callers have with their telephone service provider. Some members have had problems with phone calls being blocked. Please click here for some suggestions for this issue.