Newsletter Officer’s Intro

Welcome to March’s Newsletter, where the focus is on perfectionism (and the
idea of being faultless…). Before OA, perfectionism drove me into the ground,
casting its unrealistic shadow over my life, my actions, my body, my food. It told
me, relentlessly, that I was not good enough. It drove me to despair, squashing
all hope in its wake.

Through OA, day by day, week by week, month by month, by working the
steps and sharing honestly, by bringing HP into my life, by practising self-care
and self-love (that took a little longer!), the presence of perfectionism started
to lose its rigid grip. What a relief that was (and still is)! Most of the time,
perfectionism holds less sway over my life. Of course, it does return
occasionally to batter me, particularly when I’m feeling tired or low or ill or even
trying something new. It is frightening how quickly I start, once again, to
believe its cruel lies. Sharing is vitally important as it is often someone else who
will point out that ‘perfectionism’ is once again tapping its war-dance on my selfesteem.
I’ve learned in OA to tell perfectionism to ‘get lost’, to be kind to myself
and ask HP to help me believe that I’m good enough exactly as I am, as human as
I am, as flawed as I am. What a freedom that is! Thank you, OA!