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Lifeline Weekly is a special, bonus piece of literature delivered exclusively to e-Lifeline subscribers. Each week, you’ll find historic articles from the print version of Lifeline, along with inspirational quotes and spotlights on important OA news, events and deadlines.
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Practice the Lifeline Three Rs

Renew…your Lifeline subscription

Remove…Lifeline’s deficit

Rejoice…a self-supporting Lifeline!

Can you and your meeting support Lifeline?

Please find a link for a flyer – print off and take to your meeting and encourage your members to subscribe to renew or order Lifeline Renewal Flyer Final (2)


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New OASEE Intergroup PO Box Address

Dear Fellow Members

I am writing to inform you that the OASEE Intergroup PO Box has a new address.  From this date on, please use the following address:

BM Box 6367

If you have any queries please contact the treasurer ( or myself (


Web Officer, OASEE

Twelve Step Within Flyers

Please find below two flyers from the Twelve Step Within Committee

OA Service Pyramid 2013

Message from Region 9

Two changes to the OA Website:

(1)The service pyramid has been updated. The “Groups” section of the
image now includes computer and telephone icons to reflect online and phone
meetings, and the BOT section now includes a 17th person to reflect the
Virtual Services Trustee. I have attached a PDF of the pyramid for your
use. You can find the pyramid on the Web site here:

(2) The “Newcomer Meeting Guidelines and Format” is now posted on the
Group Support page along with the other meeting formats:
In addition, the PDF is posted on the Documents page under both Group
Support and Meeting Formats.

Terry S
Publications Manager
Overeaters Anonymous
World Service Office

Please click here to see a diagram of the OA Service Structure Pyramid in 2013 | Service Pyramid2013_color

Suggested New Meeting Format

Suggested Meeting Format: Great for Meetings of All Sizes!

Check out the new format.   Does your meeting need to review their format to incorporate some of these ideas?

Recent updates to OA’s Suggested Meeting Format highlight abstinent sponsors, Seventh-Tradition contributions andLifeline subscriptions. The meeting format now includes the Abridged Tools of Recovery, which makes it fast and easy to review all nine tools. And as always, the format contains Our Invitation to You and the list of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. It’s a lot of program information condensed into one package.

Click here to see new suggested meeting format | JAN 2013 suggested_meeting_format