PLEASE contribute “Give as if your life depended on it!”

Our Seventh Tradition states that: “Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

Financial contributions help to keep Overeaters Anonymous strong in our area.   Thank you for sending in your contribution to support your Intergroup – Overeaters Anonymous South and East England.

Contributions allow us to do some of the following things in your Intergroup:

  • Maintain the intergroup’s post office space
  • Provide a meeting place for the IG business meetings
  • Provide a telephone line to answer questions for newcomers to OA
  • Provide an IG newsletter to members
  • Undertake Outreach service – providing Professional Outreach and Public Information to make those “outside” aware of our programme
  • Carry out Twelfth Step Within work to carry the message to OA members through workshops, retreats, and OA events
  • Send Representatives to: National Assembly, Region 9 and World Service Business Conference
  • Pass along contributions to other OA levels:
    • OAGB
    • Region 9
    • World Service Office

Thank you for doing your part which allows us all to continue to carry OA’s message of recovery.

Sending 7th Tradition contributions to OA service bodies

Suggested Contributions – New Guidance | PDF Download

Sending 7th Tradition contributions to OA service bodies just got quicker!

Please refer to the above PDF giving new guidance on sending 7th Tradition contributions by your local meeting/group to OA service bodies.  This includes details of new percentage allocations for contributing to Intergroup (SEEIG), National Service Board (OAGB), Region (Region Nine) and World Service (WSO).

The document also provides information on a quicker way to send contributions!  SEEIG will now send contributions on behalf of local meetings/groups to each of the OA service bodies to make sending contributions easier and faster.