Coronavirus Update – 13th March 2020

Regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Several groups have asked for guidance for face to face meetings.

WSO and Region 9 have produced the following guidance – click here

OASEE Intergroup’s initial response is to follow Tradition 4 in your Group Conscience & decide what is appropriate for your group.

Please bear in mind the following :
1. Government Advice
2. NHS Advice 
3. Your needs as a group
4. Consider alternatives for you & your recovery.
eg – not to hold hands during the serenity prayer, avoid hugging, organise a temp online or join a virtual meeting

Your health & recovery and that of those you are in contact with, especially the vulnerable, is important – please do what is right for you.

In loving fellowship,

OA SEEIG Executive Committee

Online resources to support your recovery

Information about online, telephone and non-real-time meetings
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WSO podcasts page
LAIG Virtual Speakers Bureau
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