International events

OA Virtual Region’s 1st Annual Convention
20th-21st June 2020

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Significant Dates

OA Unity Day, February 25th

Unity Day reminds us that in our meeting room, country, Region or all over the world we can remember that we are not alone.

As Tradition One says –

“Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon OA unity.”

Region 9 Week

Region 9 Week is celebrated during the first week of September every year.

Let’s use this time to think of our members and the still suffering compulsive overeater, in particular those who may be living in troubled or poor areas within our far flung Region

We can help. We can make a difference! Region 9 Website

Twelfth-Step-Within Day, December 12th

Observable annually on 12/12, Twelfth-Step-Within Day focuses on carrying the message to OA members who are in relapse or still suffering from compulsive eating.