What’s New?

Primary Health Care Convention Report from OA in the UK

Please see here a short report showing how we can carry out the 12th Step by participating in Health Care Conventions.

If you are thinking about participating in a convention, both Region 9 and World Service have funds available to assist – all you have to do is apply.


A new initiative in OA has come out from World Service Business Conference this year aiming to encourage more men to join OA.  For more information about this see this flyer or visit the new OA Men website – www.oamen.org.

Audio shares page updated!

OAGB have updated their audio shares page with over a dozen new shares to download. They are looking for more groups who would be willing to record the speakers at their meetings – if you’d be interested, please email Caroline at communications@oagb.org.uk to find out more.

Minutes from April NSB meeting

Find out what happened at the April National Service Board meeting by clicking here.

OA Region 9 Data Protection guidelines for meetings

Dear Region 9 Friends,

If you have a computer, it’s safe to assume that you have heard recently about Data Protection and the updated General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe and the UK.

“Data protection” is a very close relative of “privacy” and “anonymity”, and we in OA need to take these new regulations seriously.

The Region 9 GDPR committee has created some guidelines (see here) to help your weekly face-to-face meeting become compliant with these new regulations. The document includes some general information about data protection, as well as some specific suggestions for some group conscience decisions your meeting might want to implement.

As the committee progresses, we will bring to you further documents, especially aimed at helping Intergroups and other Service Boards comply with these new regulations.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the R9 General Officer, David, at info@oaregion9.org.

News from WSBC 2018

Thank you to OAGB for the WSBC news report you can download and read here.

R9 Chair Report from WSBC 2018

Please click here to read and/or download.

In Search of Sponsors!

Here is an opportunity for you to give service:
Join the OA R9 Sponsors List and sponsor someone in our region who speaks your language.  If you can sponsor by email, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, phone, etc. Please send an email to sponsors@oaregion9.org with the following contact information:  your first name, male/female, email address, phone #, country in which you live, language/s you speak, and any specific OA information which is relevant (eg. sponsor by BB/OA-HOW/only men).

Are you looking for an available sponsor?  

Send an email to sponsors@oaregion9.org asking for the list of sponsors.  Please include your first name, male/female, phone #, language/s you speak, specific OA information (for ex. “I’m looking for a female sponsor”, or “I attend OA-HOW meetings”.)

I put my hand in yours and together we can do what we could never do alone.

Public Information Announcement

Getting the word out in your community about OA’s program of recovery is critical for the OA Fellowship to continue. The PI (Public Information) Suggestions page here offers guidance to OA groups and service bodies for educating their communities about the existence of OA.

Special thanks to the Region 9 PI Committee who prepared this document.

New meeting starting June 2nd

A new OA group is opening in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

Please see here for details.

Small service opportunity

Are you adept at Microsoft WORD?  Region 9 need some help, probably a few hours, to clean up and get their current newsletter ready for distribution.  If you are good with WORD, and have a few hours to spare, please contact David – info@oaregion9.org.

Funds for Professional Exhibits

The WSO has a special fund to help service bodies attend Professional Exhibits. The Professional Tradeshows Committee review applications to this fund every month, on the first working day of the month, so anytime is a good time to make an application – just make sure you give yourself enough time in advance.

More information can be found here

R9 Sponsors List Coordinator – Vacancy

Region 9 is looking for a new Sponsor List Coordinator. If you are interested in giving service in this way, please let R9 know. It is important the role is filled to ensure we can effectively carry the OA message of recovery to the Region. The role involves:

  • Sending the R9 Sponsors list
  • Updating the R9 Sponsors list

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the role, please email secretary@oaregion9.org.

Region 9 Sponsorship List reminder

We would like to remind you of an opportunity to give service by being a sponsor to an OA member within Region 9 by phone, email, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. All those who are available to sponsor in this way are requested to please send your name, languages in which you can sponsor, and contact information (email address, phone number(s), Skype name, face time name) to sponsors@oaregion9.org.

In addition, any OA members looking for an email/Skype/face time/phone/WhatsApp sponsor, please write to us at sponsors@oaregion9.org and we will gladly forward the current list of available R9 sponsors to you.

“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.”

“What if I don’t believe in God” pamphlet

The pamphlet What If I Don’t Believe in God? is now posted online and is available for free download (and FREE TO TRANSLATE). This OA-approved pamphlet has been discontinued and is no longer for sale in the OA bookstore, but it still carries the Conference Seal of Approval and is a valuable voice of “OA members who do not express a belief in ‘God’ but work the OA program.” Download What If I Don’t Believe in God? and carry it to your meetings to support the unity and diversity of our Fellowship.

Find it online here.

NEW! Reference chart for “12 Step Workshop and Study Guide”.

A new reference chart is now posted online and is available for free download. Use this handy reference chart to integrate our new book, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, into your workshop and study sessions using the Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide. Now, you can refer to our new Second Edition as you journey through the Steps with the Workshop and Study Guide to discover proven ways to incorporate the Twelve Steps of OA into a way of living.

Find the reference chart online here.

NEW! “Twelve Step Within: Fun and Fellowship” resource

What does it mean to live happy, joyous, and free? Enhance your recovery and encourage membership retention by using this Fun and Fellowship download, created by the Twelve Step Within Committee. The new Twelve Step Within: Fun and Fellowship resource is now posted online and is available for free download.

Find it online here.

“Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions of OA” – now available as an e-book

Our new book The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, is now available as an e-reader.  OA’s keystone book—The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition – is updated and improved, twenty-eight years after its first publication. Created specifically as a study of the OA Twelve Step recovery program, the OA Twelve and Twelve, Second Edition has been revised for clarity and inclusivity – with a restructured Step Four chapter to increase usefulness. Read how, through working the Twelve Steps and studying the Twelve Traditions, members have found “physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that we don’t hesitate to call miraculous.” Copyright 2018. Indexed.

It’s available on three platforms: Amazon (Kindle), Apple (iBooks), and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

Revised and Redesigned “New Prospect Card” 

Reach out with OA’s redesigned New Prospect Card. The business-size card has OA’s web address, includes space for local meeting information, and carries the message: “OA. It Works!” Look for the New Prospect Card (#450K), available in packs of 30, in the OA bookstore.

Important: GDPR, Data Protection and how it affects OA

Please download, read and share THIS ANNOUNCEMENT from Region 9 regarding new data protection laws and how they will affect OA groups

News from the OAGB Board

Click here to read the latest from the OAGB Board.

New Courier Newsletter—Carry the Message to Referring Professionals

Help the still-suffering compulsive eater find us by raising awareness among referring professionals in your community.

Download the latest Courier here.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning: Stories of Recovery from Relapse is available as a print paperback once again.

OA’s book that speaks directly to those struggling with relapse has been available only as an e-book since 2016. Now, get the paperback book, with stories from Lifeline magazine full of experience, inspiration, and wisdom again. To order, go to Amazon.com, search “Overeaters Anonymous,” select A New Beginning, and click the “Paperback” button.

Alternatively this is the direct link.

A message from our Region 9 Trustee

Please click here to read a message from Stella

The new Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, is now available from OA.0rg bookstore.

Updated and improved, OA’s keystone book, is now available. Created specifically as a study of the OA Twelve Step recovery program, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous has been revised for clarity and inclusivity—with a restructured Step Four chapter to increase usefulness. Read how, through working the Twelve Steps and studying the Twelve Traditions, members have found “physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that we don’t hesitate to call miraculous.” Indexed. Visit the OA bookstore here to order the new Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition.

It will reach the OAGB bookshop later in the year. Keep a look out for notification!

Outreach for Men in OA

In OA in the United States, there is an email based Discussion Group for men in OA, and an Outreach Phone list to make and receive phone calls with other men in OA.  Whilst neither of these lists are registered OA meetings, they are providing support and fellowship for many men in the fellowship.

To join the email-based Discussion Group for men in OA, send an email to oa4men@oa-brandywine.org including your first name and last initial.  Currently (Feb 17, 2018) 285 men are on the group.

To join the Outreach Phone list and make and receive phone calls with other men in OA, send an email to oa4men@oa-brandywine.org with your first name, phone number and your time zone.  Currently (Feb 17, 2018) 225 men are registered, including approximately 50 sponsors.

2017 Membership Survey Report

The new 2017 Membership Survey Report (#102) is now available in the OA bookstore here

Use the new Membership Survey Report to carry OA’s message to doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and other referring professionals in your area. As survey data shows, OA is a diverse Fellowship, but through OA, together we’ve found “physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery … from compulsive eating.” Share the strength of the OA program by sharing who we are.

Professional Exhibits Fund

The WSO has a special fund to help service bodies attend Professional Exhibits. The Professional Tradeshows Committee review applications to this fund every month, on the first working day of the month, so anytime is a good time to make an application – just make sure you give yourself enough time in advance. More information can be found here: https://oa.org/groupsservice-bodies/resources/public-information-suggestions/

Opportunities for Service in Region 9

We currently have the following service opportunities for members of OA in Region 9.

  1. Translations Excel listing updater (or two). Suited to someone familiar with Excel. This document keeps track of which OA books and documents are translated into which languages.  Estimated at about 3 hour per month.
  2. Web server transition coordinator. We are looking for someone who has some experience with moving a website and email domain from one server to another, who could coordinate this project for Region 9.
  3. Region 9 would like to produce some Sticky Notes to be sold at Region 9 events in order to raise funds.

In the past, 7th Tradition items for R9 have included magnets, luggage tags, pens, bookmarks, etc. The idea is to produce Sticky Notes with several different versions to help the individual in their daily recovery journey. To help us in this project, we are looking for the following.

  • Designer – someone to suggest a Region 9 logo, without using the official Overeaters Anonymous logo. We actually have some designs, but need someone to assist in some editing, and adding a R9 logo.
  • Outsourcer – someone in the UK to get quotes from printers (in your area), to be in touch with them, and to liaise with the R9 General Officer regarding this project.

It can be the same person!

If you are willing, and would like more information about any of these positions, please contact David, our General Officer, at info@oaregion9.org

NEW! Updated Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behavior and Local OA Literature

Download and use these two revised guidelines to support strong meetings in your area. Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behaviour Affecting Overeaters Anonymous Meetings describes issues members might experience and suggests actions face-to-face and virtual groups can take to address disorderly behaviour and protect members and groups. Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature lists twelve procedures and tips for service bodies to use as they develop literature to meet specific needs in their area.

Check out the new, revised guidelines:

Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behavior Affecting Overeaters Anonymous Meetings

Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature

2017 Region 9 Assembly Documents

After-Assembly documents are now all available for download from the Region 9 website:


These documents include:

  • Minutes of Assembly
  • Updated R9 Bylaws 2017
  • Updated P&P (Policies and Procedures) 2017
  • Appendix A to P&P (Guidelines and procedures for hosting assembly)
  • Amended approved budget for 2017/2018
  • Approved budget for 2018/2019
  • Translations workshop
  • Intergroup sharing workshop

Below is a message from Stella C, the Region 9 Trustee, regarding the Translations workshop.

Dear R9 Member,
We have all just returned after a wonderful time at the R9 Assembly & Convention in Iceland.
I would like to report back concerning the workshop on Translations. We did not have time to show the presentation during the workshop but it has been uploaded to the R9 website, together with the report.
Many thanks for allowing me to serve.
In fellowship
Stella C
OA R9 Trustee

*Powerpoint version of the Workshop is available to download from our website (See item #8 under the Translations Workshop section).

Report from our R9 Assembly Representative

Click here to read and/or download the report from SEEIGs R9 Representative on this year’s Assembly and Convention in Iceland.

Thank you for your service Caroline.

Vacancy – Graphic/Print Designer

The Literature Service of OAGB are looking to employ a graphic/print designer.

This person (possibly self-employed and looking for freelance work) would be required to translate/amend/prepare literature using Adobe InDesign for printing in the U.K.  This can be just a single pamphlet or occasionally a complete book and would be on an ad hoc basis.

Tasks would include:

  1. Receive US files in InDesign and PDF.
  2. Translate wording from US English to UK English ensuring layout is correct.
  3. Amend copyright page and other relevant information (as instructions received from Print Liaison Officer).
  4. Communicate with PLO and occasionally with WSO and printers.
  5. Proof read and send amended artwork in PDF file to PLO for final proof reading.
  6. Make any final amendments and forward artwork in InDesign to Printers.
  7. Be able to use a graphics package such as Photoshop.

Hours would be on an ad hoc basis and will vary depending on the task.

If you have the above experience and would like more information, please contact us admin@oagb.org.uk

Latest Public Information Newsletter from NW Intergroup, including a link to OA fellows sharing recovery on BBC Merseyside Radio

For ideas about how to get involved in PI have a read of the latest PI Newsletter from the North West Intergroup here. How about ordering the NEW pocket guide ‘Carrying the Message’ to stock at your meetings? Available to purchase via OAGB here.

Press Releases                                  

Press releases are tools OA uses to attract favourable media attention and raise public awareness about OA by highlighting topics, events, people, and information about the organisation itself—they get media outlets interested in featuring OA as a focus or component of a feature story. Sending press releases now can assist in getting OA featured in the December and January press. Click here for an example of a press release.

Professional Outreach

The World Service’s Professional Outreach Conference Committee is setting up an email network to reach OA members who are giving service to educate professionals (such as doctors, therapists, dietitians and nutritionists, religious and spiritual leaders, military personnel, and others) about the OA program. The Board of Trustees has approved this project.

Their hope is to provide a forum of ideas that demonstrates the kinds of professional outreach projects and approaches that are working. There are so many great ideas being implemented by various service bodies, and they want to make these available to everyone.

They envision this email network as a place where Professional Outreach Committee members and others can share details about how their service body has successfully educated the professional community about OA and learn about other professional outreach ideas. The World Service’s Public Information (PI) Committee set up a similar network with a PI focus a few years ago, and it has been very successful. When the professional outreach network is set up, it will be a cost effective way to communicate quickly and widely.

A key part of this initiative is to encourage all groups to use the Professional Outreach Manual, available in the OA bookstore here.

They are asking for your cooperation in providing contact information (especially email addresses and telephone numbers) you have for persons and teams involved in professional outreach work in your region, intergroups, and service boards. This includes individuals and committees with a combined PI/PO focus.

Please send all contact information, requests to be added to the loop, or any questions to:


Region 9 Assembly and Convention Summary

Please click here to read and/or download a summary of this years Assembly and Convention

Three OA Guidelines Updated: OA Newsletters, Lifeline Writers’, and OA Events, including new Speaker Statement

Updated and ready to download, these revised OA guidelines have practical suggestions for members, groups, and service bodies. Be inspired to reach out to OA members or potential newcomers by hosting an event, creating a newsletter, or sharing your story of recovery through Lifeline. Plus: Don’t miss OA’s new Speaker Statement included in Guidelines for OA Events.

OA Newsletters
Lifeline Writers
OA Events

New Professional Outreach Skit and Workshop

Laugh and learn how to carry the message to health care professionals with “The Wanda Know Show,” a new skit and workshop brought to you by the OA board. In forty-five minutes, participants and audience members alike will be entertained, educated, and better equipped to talk to their doctors, nurses, therapists, and any other referring professional about the hope of recovery from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviours that OA can offer to the clients and patients in their care. Make “The Wanda Know Show” part of your next OA event. Download it here today and share!

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight – Revised pamphlet now available

The revised Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight pamphlet (#310), adopted at WSBC 2017, is now available in the OA bookstore.

Use Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight for support in preserving your abstinence and “maintenance” weight. Revised with new stories from members experiencing different manifestations of our disease, the updated pamphlet also has more than a dozen suggestions from individual members for maintaining a healthy weight and now includes OA’s Statement on Abstinence and Recovery. Find the new Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight (#310) in the OA bookstore here.

It will be available in the OAGB literature shop soon.

New OA Business Glossary of terms

The new OA Business Glossary is now available for free download. Please share the news of this new resource with members, groups, and service bodies.

A message from our Region 9 Chair regarding a balanced sponsor sponsee relationship

The R9 Board and Trustee are calling your attention to this letter (click here to read/download) to the fellowship regarding a “balanced sponsor sponsee relationship” from the Chair of the OA Board of Trustees. This letter addresses some concerns which have been raised recently regarding sponsorship relationships; specifically when suggestions are made by sponsors about “medications and other substances.”

This letter presents some ways to deal with these or similar issues between sponsors and sponsees.

Please pass this information along to your meetings so that R9 fellows have this resource. There are many other resources to deal with these type of issues when they arise. The Board of Trustees are considering other ways to bring information about this topic to the fellowship. We will notice you when other information being considered becomes available. Our OA literature is also a good resource.

This informational letter is intended to inform and not to alarm. These issues may not be taking place in your area.  But if you, your meeting, or your service body have questions, concerns, or need assistance, the Region 9 Board and Trustee are here to assist you.

Thank you,


R9 Chair

Audio Shares Flyer

An easy way to tell your meeting about the Audio Shares available to listen to on the OAGB Website –

Download this Flyer

Service Opportunities at National Level

There are lots of ways that you can help support the work of our National Service body OAGB. Visit the Service Opportunities page to find full details.

Roles vary from just 1-2 hours a month to a weekly commitment so take a look!

Together we recover ……

New Public Information Manual

The new, revised Public Information Service Manual (#762) is now available in the OA bookstore at bookstore.oa.org. It is not yet in the literature shop of OAGB.

 For the direct link click here

 Use the Public Information Service Manual to carry the OA message of recovery.

Revised, expanded, and updated with current media practices, OA’s PI Manual is packed with more than 60 pages of outreach suggestions. Learn what a PI Committee is and how to start one. Get practical ideas for reaching newcomers. Learn how to work with digital, print, and broadcast media while protecting member anonymity. Use the sample press releases to make contacts in your area and much, much more.

“Growing Recovery Worldwide” at WSBC 2018

The first set of e-documents for WSBC 2018 are now available for download at https://oa.org/members/events/world-service-business-conference/.

News from our Region 9 Trustee

Please click here to read the latest news from Stella.

Contributions to R9 – a friendly reminder.

Click here to read a message from David, our Region 9 Treasurer.

NEW! Sticky notes from WSO

The new Bulletin Board Attraction Sticky Notes are now available in the OA bookstore.

You can find them here: http://bookstore.oa.org/pc_product_detail.asp?key=7C31A8BB3FA54A6092D639C2DED167F6

New Public Information Poster  Now Available

OA’s new Public Information Poster—the winner of OA’s first PI Poster Contest—is now available at bookstore.oa.org.

Packaged in sets of twenty, the professionally printed poster has easy-tear, perforated tabs, guiding newcomers to OA’s Fifteen Questions via oaquiz.org. There is also space to add your meeting’s location and contact details. Increase awareness of OA and attract newcomers to your meeting. Order posters for your intergroup or service board today.

UK meeting audio shares now available on OAGB

There’s a new page on the OAGB website where you can hear OA members share their stories of recovery, or share their experiences of working a particular Step.

See details and listen by clicking here.

July Public Information Newsletter from North west Intergroup

Some very useful ideas and information about carrying the message to those outside the Fellowship are in this so do give it a read. PDF Download.

Thank you NW IG!

Calling all available male OA sponsors!

Please help us to increase the service that we, together with you, can offer to OA members in Region 9.

We are looking for available male OA sponsors: You are needed on the 2017 OA Region 9 Sponsors List. We have had requests for male sponsors, but so far we only have a few listed.

Information to forward to sponsors@oaregion9.org : 1st name, email address, phone #/s, Skype?/ WhatsApp?/ Face Time?/ country in which you live/  language/s spoken for sponsoring/  a very short description of how you sponsor.

“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.”

Thank you for your service!

Sponsors List reminder

We would like to inform you of an opportunity to give service by being a sponsor to an OA member within Region 9, by phone, email, Skype, Face Time or WhatsApp. All those who are available to sponsor in this way please send your name, languages in which you can sponsor and contact information (email address, phone number(s), Skype name, face time name) to sponsors@oaregion9.org.

In addition, any OA members looking for an email/Skype/face time/phone/WhatsApp sponsor, please write to us at sponsors@oaregion9.org and we will gladly forward the current list of available R9 sponsors to you.

“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.

WSO Translations fund

Funds are available to assist service bodies that are translating OA literature. The next deadline for applications to be received by the World Service Office is 1 AUGUST 2017.

To apply, please download and complete this form and send it to the WSO by email. You can also fax it to 1-505-891-4320 or mail it to the World Service Office, PO Box 44040, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174-4020 USA.

The Translation Funds Application and the Translations Guidelines for OA Literature are at oa.org/documents page; “Translations.”

Applications will be reviewed at the August Board of Trustees meeting.

Message from Region 9 Trustee

A special message from our trustee regarding International Publications/Translations Board of Trustees committee:

Click here to read/download.

Translations Update

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Region 9 members, there is now a new procedure in place for translating material from the WSO website into different languages. Please click here for full details.

This is a significant step forward in carrying the message of recovery to the non English speaking members of our Fellowship. Huge thanks to R9, the Board of Trustees and the OA Publications Manager.

Reports from WSBC

Region 9 Delegate Report
SEEIG Representative Report
Chair Report

News from our Region 9 Trustee May 2017

TSW (Twelfth Step Within) Fun and Fellowship 

Below is a special message from the WSBC Twelfth Step Within committee:

We are the TSW fun and fellowship subcommittee. Our goal is to promote fun/ fellowship to increase recovery and prevent relapse. But how?
We are asking you to forward this survey link below to the people in your region.
The survey will be open about one month.
Will you be a leader forward this link and take this 3 minute survey yourself?

Here is the link to the “barriers and solutions survey”.  Please take 3 minutes to complete the survey.


TSW Fun and Fellowship

We take fun seriously!!!!

OA Financial Summary 2016

Stella, our R9 Trustee, has prepared a fantastic, clear summary of OA’s finances for 2016. This is an important and interesting read. Thank you Stella.

OA Accounts 2016

Membership Survey

A message from the WSO (World Service Office): Your group may be invited to participate in our 2017 Membership Survey, the purpose of which is to strengthen our mission and message of hope, strength and recovery from compulsive eating.  Please ensure your meeting information is correct on our website by going to oa.org/find-a-meeting to verify your group information and edit if necessary.

Strategic Plan 2017-2019

The OA Board of Trustees has released a new Strategic Plan to carry OA through 2019, and the focus is ”Keeping OA Strong Worldwide.”


Translation Resources

The message of OA recovery is being carried around the world through translated OA-Approved literature. Use these charts to see what literature and materials are available in which languages through the committed, dedicated service of OA groups and service bodies worldwide:
Translated OA Literature Chart PDF download
Translated OA Recovery Materials PDF download

Uniting With Diversity leaflet

Use the new Uniting with Diversity leaflet to strengthen unity in your group and service body. Copy and share this new, free resource created by the Unity with Diversity Committee to support the strength and hope we find together in fellowship. PDF Download.

OA is now on Facebook!

We have a new social media platform to attract newcomers and inform our Fellowship.

Visit our new official Overeaters Anonymous page.  To join go to https://www.facebook.com/OFFICIALOVEREATERSANONYMOUS and click ‘Like’. Alternatively log into Facebook.com and search for OFFICIAL OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS then click the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page.

With each ‘Like’ the number of page followers goes up and helps carry the message to the still suffering compulsive overeater looking for a solution.

Please see OA’s Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World.

Support your abstinence, hear about OA resources, read inspirational quotes from OA approved literature and see what others ‘like’ at OA’s new social media page.

OA’s Virtual Services Committee has a new website and a Newsletter!

See the website at OA Virtual Services.

If you would like to keep up to date about telephone and online meetings, you can read all about it in their latest newsletter OA Virtual News. Sign up for this newsletter here.

Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World

Digital communication is an important way OA members share fellowship and carry the message. Use the new Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World to honour our Traditions and protect your own and others’ anonymity when posting about your experience, strength, and hope online.

OA’s New Conference-Approved Book

TSW_Studyguide_LEverything you need to lead a journey through the Steps, including leader scripts, Fourth Step Inventory Worksheets, and hand-selected references from OA-approved literature is included. Use it to lead a group of OA members or one-on-one with your sponsees. Together, you can discover proven ways to incorporate the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous into a way of living—and a life beyond our wildest dreams. Purchase here.

From Slip or Relapse to Recovery

Use the three-part action plan laid out in this new From Slip or Relapse to Recovery PDF to reclaim abstinence. Take an inventory, develop a plan, and renew your commitment to your OA program—commit to the most loving thing you can do right now for yourself, your abstinence, and your recovery.

A new podcast to download or stream from the WSO 2016 workshop Service and My Recovery

The eleventh podcast from the Service and My Recovery workshop is now available. Listen to the topic ‘Anonymity inside and out’ which includes discussion on the principles of both Tradition Eleven, Anonymity and Concept Eleven, Humility. Click here and then press the play button to listen.

For all podcasts available to listen to or to download please see the Podcasts page on oa.org.