Please Update Your Meeting Details

We know that many of our fellows discovered us through the internet, but wrong online meeting details can lead to frustration and may mean that people do not find us to hear our message.

If you make any changes to your meeting details or your meeting has had to close, please update this information with the WSO by following the instructions at Meeting Changes. In addition, please email your changes to so that our Intergroup meeting PDFs can be amended accordingly.

We also suggest checking your meeting details at least every six months to ensure all is correct. Thank you.

When was the last time you checked?

• Your meeting’s details are accurately listed on the WSO website

• Your meeting’s contact details are up to date including: Phone Number and Email Address*

*In addition to being the first port of call to new members your Email address will be used by SEEIG and WSO to keep you informed about pertinent OA information because together we can do what we could never alone.

Check and change

If you know you need to make a change to your meeting details (day/time/venue/contact/etc.) click here and you will be directed to the Edit a Meeting page.

If you want to check your meeting details:

  1. Find your meeting on using this guide.
  2. When you can see your meeting detail click ‘Details’.
  3. If everything is correct …… relax! If not please make the necessary changes!

Thank you for taking the time to keep your meeting details updated with OA.