OA Service Pyramid 2013

Message from Region 9

Two changes to the OA Website:

(1)The service pyramid has been updated. The “Groups” section of the
image now includes computer and telephone icons to reflect online and phone
meetings, and the BOT section now includes a 17th person to reflect the
Virtual Services Trustee. I have attached a PDF of the pyramid for your
use. You can find the pyramid on the Web site here:

(2) The “Newcomer Meeting Guidelines and Format” is now posted on the
Group Support page along with the other meeting formats:
In addition, the PDF is posted on the Documents page under both Group
Support and Meeting Formats.

Terry S
Publications Manager
Overeaters Anonymous
World Service Office

Please click here to see a diagram of the OA Service Structure Pyramid in 2013 | Service Pyramid2013_color